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Boden Office Park Overview

The Boden project is primarily geared towards businesses that are seeking an ownership option for their own professional office building. This project focuses on businesses that need 2,000-5,000+ square feet of new space. There is 23 total commercial lots inside of the project and each build can be completely customizable to fit the specific needs of each owner.

Our team will guide you throughout the entire process covering each step to ultimately deliver to you a fully finished new turn-key office!


Where does the name Boden come from?

Boden is Scandinavian for “shelter”. Our local region has strong roots that tie back to Scandinavian countries as North Dakota was a common destination for immigrants looking for a better life for themselves and their family. This project isn’t just using a name for the sake of it, rather we using Scandinavian architecture and design to influence the entire project while paying homage to Scandinavian heritage that has played a major influence in shaping the way our community exists today. With this background knowledge, you will see building design that is characterized with styles such as simplicity, natural light, functionality, warmth, and comfort.

What are the first steps to explore if this is the right fit for me and my business?

Reach out to us to set up a free consultation so we can better understand the needs you would have with a new building and to determine if Boden could be the right fit for you. Ideally, we could get an understanding of the current space you are occupying to give you a high-level comparison of how this might compare to a new build in the Boden project that you would fully own.

We would encourage you to also engage in conversations with a commercial business banker to start understanding terms they would seek for financing your new office. We can include your banker in correspondence during the process outlined below.

What is the next step when I decide to proceed further to build our office at Boden?

Step 1: Design Process
(2 to 4 months)

We will first create a “Pre-Construction Building and Design Services Agreement” that requires a down payment allowing us to start the process of designing your new custom office. This process involves our team along with licensed architects, engineers and an interior designer. The pricing of this down payment for Pre-Construction Building and Design Services Agreement may vary depending on the size and complexity of each build but will start at $30,000. This down payment is non-refundable and will be credited towards the cost of your project if you elect to proceed with construction.

Step 2: Final Design is Bid and Priced (1 month)

Following the design process, your project will be bid out by our team so we can present the full pricing breakdown to you allowing you to decide if you’re ready to proceed with the start of construction.

Step 3: Finalize Construction Contracts for your new office and file for a building permit with the city of Bismarck

(1 to 2 months) The most exciting part (aside from the actual move-in date) now begins with construction commencing on the project! The timeline for building duration will vary depending on the size and complexity of your build but we anticipate most builds will range in duration from 10 to 15 months. We will work with you and your lender during the construction process as construction draws occur. Note that the first construction draw will likely be for full payment of the lot you are building on.

Will I be allowed to have signage on my building?

Yes, signage on your building with your business name/logo is allowed with certain size restrictions as required by the project’s ordinance through the city of Bismarck.

How will parking work?

Each individual office will include convenient on-site parking on the lot you are building on with the requirement that enough parking spaces are provided on each lot to meet the city’s parking requirements. Attached garages are optional with each build and any attached garages that are used for parking may count these towards the required parking spaces needed on their site.

Will there be an Association as part of this project?

Yes. An association is being created to handle snow removal from the streets and parking lots along with lawn care and general maintenance/upkeep of common areas inside of the development. Adjacent to the 23 lots in Boden Office Park will be the Boden Residences that also consists of 23 residential lots. Both the commercial and residential component of Boden will be “sheltered” together under the same Association.


What type of businesses are allowed?

The project received approval from the City of Bismarck for Conditional RT zoning. This means general office and clinic space is allowed inside of Boden. Some examples of approved business users inside of Boden include the following types of businesses/firms: accounting, legal, marketing, interior design, wealth management, insurance, chiropractor, dentist, salon, real estate, daycare, and overall any company that needs general office space. Businesses that would not be allowed per the project’s zoning would include food and beverage, retail, industrial, etc.


Boden Office Park Team

This project is being spearheaded as a partnership between Knutson Companies and Epic Homes. These companies are combining forces to create this unique product type that will help meet the needs of small business owners who have struggled to find suitable options for ownership of their own office building. Both Knutson Companies and Epic Homes are also building their new office headquarters inside of the Boden Office Park project and will be the first two builds to commence.

The team is also including professional services from third parties firms such as WILD-CRG for architecture and Swenson Hagen for civil engineering, along with services provided by a structural engineering company and an interior design specialist.  






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