STEP 1: Pre-construction Building & Design Services Agreement

This agreement is the first primary step of our official process and includes the design phase for your project. A down payment is established based on the estimated size of your building which allows us begin engagement with your company and our third party specialists including architecture, engineering (civil and structural), interior design along with full oversite and coordination driven by our combined teams at Knutson Companies (Developer) and Epic Built (General Contractor). We have specifically curated our process to make this as seamless as possible to minimize the time required by you and your company as we ultimately design a fully custom building specifically for you and your business.

STEP 3: Construction Agreement and Lot Purchase

Now that we have our final design and pricing, we are ready to proceed with construction and will provide you with an estimated construction timeline. We utilize AIA Construction Agreements, often considered the industry gold standard agreement for the mutual benefit of the developer and client. We will submit your project for permitting with the city, closing occurs on the lot you are purchasing and construction begins. During construction our team will work closely with the lender that is providing you with the construction loan. Engagement continues with you throughout the full process as we provide you access to our construction software with our availability throughout to support any other questions or needs during the building period.

STEP 2: Bids & Estimates​

Once the design is finalized, our team competitively bids the project out for final pricing with various local vendors and subcontractors. Once bids and estimates are finalized, we will sit down with you to review the full pricing breakdown in detail, making any changes that are necessary to expand or reduce the project scope and cost.

STEP 4: Project Completion

Construction concludes with final walkthroughs to address any final punch list details that are to be finished. We complete with a cleaning of your new building, conclude the construction loan so you transition to permanent financing and hand you the keys to your new property!